Roll Forming Capabilities and Roll Forming Equipment: Can OMCO Roll Form Your Part?

Here are some guidelines to help determine whether OMCO’s Roll Forming Plus capabilities could help you improve your product quality and reduce your total costs.

What makes a part a good candidate for Roll Forming Plus?

  • The part must be made of metal and have a consistent cross-sectional profile. Some variations in the cross-section can be accounted for utilizing supplemental metalworking operations.
  • The part volume requires ordering thousands of feet at a time.
  • The metal thickness can be up to 3/8″.
  • Dimensional tolerances are very tight.
  • Surface finish is important.

More reasons to consider OMCO

Are you currently producing a high volume of spliced sections?

OMCO can roll form very long parts which would eliminate the need for splicing.

Are you using extruded parts that require additional modifications once you receive them?

OMCO may be able to roll form your part and perform all the necessary modifications so your part arrives ready to be installed.

Are you currently press braking a large volume of parts?

OMCO can rapidly produce a high volume of parts within very close tolerances.