Worry Free Tooling: Roll Forming Tooling Design

Your Roll Forming Tooling at OMCO; buy it once … then forget it!

With the OMCO Tooling Partnership:

  1. Tooling is produced at cost, with NO MARKUPS. The cost from our vendor is what you pay.
  2. We design our own roll tooling. We do not charge for this.
  3. We do not charge for tooling development or trial runs up to and including no charge for PPAPs*
  4. We do not charge for metal consumed during tooling development, trial runs or PPAPs*
  5. We do not charge a tooling maintenance fee; we maintain and repair tooling at no charge to the customer
  6. We replace worn tooling with new tooling when it is no longer serviceable. OMCO pays for this, not the customer
  7. If we determine a job should be rafted in order to increase throughput and keep piece price low, we do not pass this cost along to customers

* Items 3 & 4 require a production order

OMCO Makes Tooling “Worry-Free”