OMCO XD RubRail® Sidewall Liner Provides Extreme Protection for Trailer Sidewalls

OMCO XD RubRail sidewall liner is engineered to help protect truck or trailer sidewalls from damage by steel shipping racks and shifting cargo. The liner has no welded seams to snag freight! It is custom-made to fit as a single, full length piece.

OMCO XD RubRail liner features:

  • Extremely durable galvanized steel
  • Seamless, solid, full-length sections eliminate the need for splice welds
  • Mounting holes available for easy installation.

Order the Perfect Length

Eliminate the need to cut and weld multiple sections together. Order OMCO XD RubRail liner in any length to perfectly fit your fleet of trailers.


Height Material Gauge Approx. Weight per Foot
5-1/4″ 12 ga 2.0 lbs/ft