What is Roll Forming Plus? Custom Roll Forming and Roll Forming Services

OMCO roll forms millions of feet of product each week, and nearly every item we ship requires some type of additional manufacturing operation in order to produce the finished part. Requirements may include a unique hole pattern, a special punch out, a notch to allow a fold later on, a fastener, or any other modification imaginable.

The efficient integration of custom roll forming services with additional metalworking, fabricating and finishing operations is what we refer to as “Roll Forming Plus”. Some “Plus” operations are performed right in-line with the roll forming mill while others are done after the roll forming is complete and the part has been cut to length. Here is a list of the more commonly utilized “Plus” operations.

Roll Forming Plus Operations

In-line Operations
Secondary / Off-line Operations
Custom Assembly
Fastener Insertion
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Powder Coating
Progressive Die Stamping
Stamping Operations
Custom Packaging
Arc Welding
Resistance Welding

Benefits of Roll Forming Plus

Our ability to incorporate a wide array of customizable fabrication operations with the rapid production of custom roll formed parts provides many substantial benefits to our customers.

  • Enhances supply chain efficiency
  • Eliminates logistical complexity caused by multiple manufacturing locations involving
    multiple suppliers
  • Reduces shipping, packaging and handling costs
  • Reduces damage and scrap costs
  • Lowers total cost of complex parts and assemblies