Z Purlin Products | Z-Shaped Structural Profiles

We offer standard z profiles.

OMCO manufactures an extensive line of structural Z purlin shapes for many applications, including buildings and industrial use. Our comprehensive Roll Forming Plus Operations allow us to efficiently supply in-line manufacturing of punched, pierced, notched and slotted Z purlins. Additionally, we offer many off-line secondary value-added operations if needed.

Don’t see what you want? Call us for custom shapes!

Additional Capabilities from our Phoenix Facility

Material Thickness: 18 gauge to 0.125″ max
Maximum Strip Width: 24.0″
Part Length: 7 feet to 50 feet
Web Size: 4.0″ to 15.75″
Flange Size: 2.0″ to 4.0″
Lip Size: 0.75″ to 1.0″
Lip Angle: 50 or 90 degrees