Roll former and other roll forming machines run in OMCO’s facility.
Roll formed solar panels
Roll forming machines with Roll Forming Plus chart
Roll forming line in action at OMCO’s manufacturing plant
Punched metal after roll forming

Roll Forming Experts

OMCO Rollforming line equipment

Superior quality,
delivered on time

  • OMCO is the largest custom roll forming company in the United States
  • 4 manufacturing locations, over 50 roll forming lines and more than 500,000 sq ft of manufacturing space

About OMCO Roll Forming

OMCO Roll Forming Plus®

Metal sheet which has been roll formed

OMCO's value
added manufacturing operations

Roll Forming Plus

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Multiple Manufacturing Facilities

Map of OMCO’s rollforming line locations

located across
the U.S.

Roll Forming Facilities

Is Roll Forming an Option?

Chairs produced by rollforming

See if your part is a candidate for roll forming.

You might be surprised!

Consider Roll Forming

Stack of custom rollformed metal

Shapes of
All Kinds

  • Custom or
    standard shapes
  • Lengths up to
    60 feet
  • Material thickness
    up to 3/8”

Roll Forming Shapes