Manufacturing of Roll Formed Parts

First and foremost, OMCO is a custom roll forming company: the production of roll formed parts is our primary business. The vast majority of our floor space is occupied by roll forming lines, production equipment required to augment the roll forming operations, and tooling waiting to be loaded onto a rolling mill.

In 2014, we purchased a custom fabrication and machining company, Weaver & Sons to add to our capabilities. Weaver brings laser cutting, automated welding and machining strengths to our customers. Read more here.

Roll Forming Mills

  • Over 50 Roll Forming Mills operating in a total of four locationsMills range from 1.5″ up to 3.5″ diameter spindles
  • Ability to roll form up to 3/8″ thick steel
  • All lines capable of pre-punch or post-punch operation


  • Punch Press and Long Bed Presses
  • Capacities ranging from 60 Ton to 500 Ton
  • Electric and Hydraulic

Design and Build

OMCO’s roll forming lines are designed and built in-house or upgraded to a common universal platform. from the ground up. Therefore, the design platforms are consistent across all mills, regardless of their location. This improves our response time in getting a new line up and running. For example, any customer’s toolset designed on a 2 inch roll forming mill can be run on any 2 inch mill at any OMCO facility.

Custom Services

OMCO can efficiently integrate a wide variety of metalworking, fabricating and finishing operations. We call this “Roll Forming Plus.”